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For the past six or seven months I’ve struggled with a friendly request from Anthony Muir to write about management, and ironically the struggle is what motivates me to write where it once hindered my process. I am a lot of things to a lot of people, but an expert on management is certainly not one of those things. However, if I am anything at all, it is honest—sometimes to a fault. Through my writing I hope to express only my honest perceptions and personal accounts about management. For a while I had no idea how to start writing about management, and that is admittedly because I take myself too seriously and nothing that I write ever seems suitable for something that I have a lot of passion for. But my observation about taking myself too seriously is a good jumping off point for this topic, since I believe that understanding management is understanding personality.

There are many who will tell you (and they aren’t wrong by any means) that management is the job/skill of getting others to accomplish tasks for you. Some of the managers/bosses we’ve all had have either been great or sucky. The great ones in my experience have had a knack for expressing a passion and a vision that excites their direct reports (someone who works for someone else) to self-motivate in a productive way. The sucky ones have had a knack for acting too task oriented, or selfish about passing certain jobs onto the lowly underlings that make their position possible. Through my post I’m going to try and express what I think makes a good manager, what makes a bad manager, and how I try to juggle all of my responsibilities at work. As long as I can keep writing about my experiences, I’m going to focus a lot on what it is that gets me through each day, and how I complete my tasks with a positive mindset.

I will also do my best to avoid naming specific people, which will make my storytelling difficult on the writing end of things, but somehow I’ll manage.