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Nine weeks strong! What a run.

On this week’s episode (missing Anthony, who has been fired again), we discuss the cinematic dumpster fire known as the 2015 Point Break remake, along with one of the front runners for a Best Picture nomination, The Big Short. Following these riveting discussions, Jay, Dan, and Ryan go over their personal top ten lists for movies released in 2015. Spoiler alert: they’re all incredibly similar, to the surprise of absolutely no one.

Also, I’m aware that the last few episodes have had the ends cut off of them. If you’re crazy enough to listen to us rant and rave all the way through the end of these episodes, I apologize for that. We’re working on remedying the situation now. You really didn’t miss much at all during the Star Wars episode though, it only cut 10 minutes off. You had heard us for an hour and 15 minutes already. It was a mercy kill if anything.

On next week’s episode, Ryan will be disappearing and we’ll be joined by the infamous Roger Muir, host of the tragically short-lived Answer Man podcast hosted right here on Orange Drink a few years back. He has chosen a film called “He Never Died” for us to watch and discuss on the show, so be on the lookout for that sometime next week.

As always, follow us on the social media listed below, and shoot any of us a message if you have questions, concerns, requests, etc. regarding the show or the mental well-being of one of the hosts. And listen to this week’s episode right here: