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NOTE: Due to a technical error that is not explainable, the last 10 minutes or so of this episode were deleted. The entirety of the review for Krampus is here, but the recommendations segment and “next week” bits are not. Sorry.

Let’s pretend I put this up on time, okay guys?

Anyways, this week on the show (AKA last week on the show if we’re being really real) we discuss the Christmas horror-comedy Krampus. Krampus is directed by Michael Dougherty, and written by Dougherty, Todd Casey, and Zach Shields. Dougherty is the creator, writer, and director of 2007’s absolutely fantastic cult horror film Trick ‘r Treat. Ryan and I both had high hopes for this movie going in because of this (Jay was middling), and…well, just listen to the show to hear our thoughts. Though me putting this up a week late should give you an idea of our enthusiasm level for this episode.

On the next episode, which will probably be up in a few days given how late this one is, we’ll be discussing Star Wars as a whole, and our predictions for The Force Awakens. If you listen to this episode, you’ll note that we say we’re going to see In The Heart of the Sea and briefly discuss that as well. None of us actually want to see In the Heart of the Sea. So that’s not happening. Sorry if you were actually looking forward to that. If that’s the case though, maybe consider not listening to this episode and re-evaluating your life choices and opinions. Also of note, Anthony is not on this week’s episode because I fired him for knocking me out of the playoffs in our Fantasy Football league.

As always, feel free to contact any of us via the social media links below, as we absolutely want to hear from any and all listeners. Doesn’t matter if it’s feedback on the show, recommendations for segments you’d like us to add, or suggestions for movies we should watch during off weeks down the road.

Listen to this week’s episode below!