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Alright…so I’m a little late this week. I’d blame it on the holidays but we’d all know that’s a lie. Let’s accept the situation and move on.

On this, the fourth episode of your favorite new podcast, The Cutting Room Chronicles, we’ll (as in Dan, Ryan, Anthony, and Jay) be discussing two wildly different films in the R-rated holiday comedy “The Night Before,” and the film focusing on the sex abuse scandal in the Catholic Churches of Boston, “Spotlight.” And by “discussing,” I mean spending half the podcast on The Night Before, and then five minutes on Spotlight before dovetailing into a litany of incredibly unrelated topics (and a whole lot of discussion on James Franco’s penis…though at least that one is moderately related).

As always, if you have any questions or topics you’d like us to discuss on the show, we’d be more than happy to hear them over on Twitter @TheCRChronicles, or you can contact us individually at any of the links below (which pretty much means you’re socially awkward and only want to contact the person you’re listening to the show because of, I totally get it, don’t worry). The goal right now is to replace the idea of a monthly “spin the wheel” episode with an episode where we watch a movie suggested by a listener, so please shoot us some suggestions so we can get going on that idea during one of the December episodes. Any movie. Good or bad. We’ll watch it. For now though, listen to this week’s show below!