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Alright guys, so we’re doing something a bit different this week! WrestleMania 32 was this past weekend, and Anthony, Jay and myself all watched it, so they’re going to spend an episode’s worth of time talking about it. We kind of winged it when recording though, so the format is a bit weird this week. I’ll outline it below:

– This episode, Episode 22, will feature brief discussion on Gods Not Dead and Gods Not Dead 2, followed by about 45 minutes of WrestleMania discussion.

– Then, the guys will argue about whether or not to talk about the Marvel Cinematic Universe on the same episode, or break them up into two episodes. We decide on the latter, and the episode will abruptly end.

– Episode 22.5 will be uploaded tomorrow (most likely) and will feature an episode’s worth of discussion on the Marvel Cinematic Universe going into Civil War.

We know that it would make more sense for the movie-themed episode to be #22, and the special WrestleMania episode as #22.5, but I had already said the numbers on the show before we decided on that format, because we were a mess this week. It’s cool though, because the actual discussion is pretty solid. Even if you’re not a wrestling fan, give it a listen and see what you think. If you don’t like it, the normal episode will be up as usual sometime tomorrow.