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I’m disheveled this week. Batman v. Superman really took it out of me. Seeing it twice took it out of me even more. My apathy levels are critical right now. This is all you’re getting for an intro.

Next week we’ll talk about something. That’s legit, because we really don’t know, as we don’t want to talk about God’s Not Dead 2 and Meet the Blacks. Go ahead and thank us. We might just make it a trifecta of comic book movie talk, and discuss the Marvel Cinematic Universe state of affairs going into Civil War next month. We’ll see. Anthony, Jay and Dan will also probably talk about WrestleMania at length, since that’ll have happened a few days before recording.

As always, listen to this week’s episode below, and get at us on any of the social media links at the bottom with any requests, questions, comments, concerns, inquiries, rants, proposals, indecent proposals, queries, threats of violence, threats of non-violence, funny images, images that we’ll say are funny in order to be nice but really aren’t, etc, etc.