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Episode XX of the Cutting Room Chronicles! Remember: we are on iTunes now! So listen on the site if you’d like, but we’re over there at, or you can just download us off of the iTunes app directly, that way you can hear our wonderful voices on whatever device you so choose to listen to your podcasts on.

On this episode, we do briefly touch upon Miracles From Heaven and The Bronze, two of the wide releases from the last week, but a majority of this extra-length episode is spent talking about the 2013 comic book film, Man of Steel. We dissect the film from beginning to end, examining all of its flaws and (admittedly few) strengths. We do this in preparation for this coming Friday’s massive release, Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, as we want to examine what this film and future DC Cinematic Universe films have to do in order to copy Marvel’s success, while also differentiating themselves enough. If you’re into comic book films at all, I highly recommend you check this episode out – even if a good percentage of it is Dan going on long-winded rants.

I probably don’t need to say that next week we’re gonna talk about Batman v. Superman….but next week we’re going to talk about Batman v. Superman. Get hyped. Maybe. It’s gonna be a big one – probably our biggest episode besides Star Wars.

As always, listen to this week’s episode below, and get at us on any of the social media links at the bottom with any requests, questions, comments, concerns, inquiries, rants, proposals, indecent proposals, queries, threats of violence, threats of non-violence, funny images, images that we’ll say are funny in order to be nice but really aren’t, etc, etc.