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Welcome to Episode 19 of The Cutting Room Chronicles! In case you were unaware (as it happened after last week’s episode was published), you can now download and subscribe to our show on iTunes! Listen to us on your phone, iPod, iPad, or whatever listening device you choose that supports iTunes.

In episode 19 of The Cutting Room Chronicles, we talk about the incredibly mysterious 10 Cloverfield Lane, a “blood relative” of the original Cloverfield as J.J. Abrams puts it; the new Sacha Baron Cohen comedy The Brothers Grimsby; and the shockingly generic rom-com The Perfect Match. 10 Cloverfield Lane was quite the experience, but it’s a film you NEED to see rather than hear us talk about first, so please be warned that SPOILERS lie within this week’s show. We talk about 10CL last, so you can feel free to listen to the episode up until the point where we give you a fair spoiler warning!

On next week’s show we’re going to do something a little different, and much like our pre-Force Awakens episode, talk about Man of Steel and the impending DC Cinematic Universe – specifically what they need to do to copy Marvel’s success while also standing out and doing their own thing. We’ll also probably discuss a few of the week’s films briefly, but expect a lot of comic film talk on next week’s episode.

As always, listen to this week’s episode below, and get at us on any of the social media links at the bottom with any requests, questions, comments, concerns, inquiries, rants, proposals, indecent proposals, queries, threats of violence, threats of non-violence, funny images, images that we’ll say are funny in order to be nice but really aren’t, etc, etc.