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Welcome to a somewhat late Episode #11 of The Cutting Room Chronicles. Somewhat = almost a week, but who’s counting? That’s right, probably Jay. He’s gonna get mad at me for this one. Whatever.

This week, we’re talking about the first major release of 2016, the PG-13 horror film The Forest, along with one of the hottest films of the 2015 award season, The Revenant. Dan, Jay, and Anthony handle this one, as Ryan is absent for a second week in a row (and likely making it a third on next week’s episode). We had…some mixed feelings on the latter.

On next week’s episode (which will probably be up only a few days after this because again, I’m a bit late), we’ll be discussing the sequel to 2014’s Ride Along, and the currently sitting at 0% on RottenTomatoes animated film Norm of the North. We’re actually quite looking forward to this episode, because it’s quite rare we get a straight up 0% on RT. Usually even the bottom of the barrel trash gets a 5%. Anyways, as always listen to this week’s episode below, and get at us on any of the social media links at the bottom with any requests, comments, concerns, inquiries, rants, proposals, queries, or what have you. We’ll take ’em all.