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Welcome to Cutting Room Chronicles X, probably incrementally better than Jason X. Like, less liquid nitrogen frozen face smashing, so I guess it takes the win in that category. And I suppose we don’t have a monster zipping two people up inside their sleeping bags and beating one to death using the other…guys, Jason X is a really good movie and you should go watch it instead of listening to this week’s episode. It’s the better X.

If you choose to listen to us anyway, this week we’re joined by special guest host Roger Muir, taking Ryan’s usual spot. Roger recommended we watch the 2015 comedy/thriller/drama “He Never Died,” starring Henry Rollins of Black Flag fame (who “once said that he’d like to make a house record from the sound of Morrissey being burned to death,” making me a major supporter despite him changing his views). Pretty solid movie, and totally out of left field given we hadn’t heard a word about it prior to this recommendation.

Next week’s episode will feature a discussion of “The Revenant” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and likely a small segment on the new horror film “The Forest” that drops next week.

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